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MA-6000 adopts high-quality Marlow semiconductor thermoelectric module , temperature control mode combining German high-end PT1000 temperature sensor and electrical resistance heating compensation edge.  Real-time transmission of fluorescent signals in 96 sample holes are imported through high temperature resistant professional optical fiber to -20 ℃ cold low temperature CCD with high signal to noise ratio for real-time detection. It is an open design fully-automatic fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument with completely independent intellectual property rights.



MA-680 series is based on MA-6000 series technology platform, which is a fully-open design economic real-time PCR instrument for qPCR beginners and small laboratories.



Based on the classic MA-6000 series real-time PCR instrument, the MA-1600Q series portable real-time real-time PCR instrument can be configured with up to 3 fluorescence detection channels, with a standard 16-well detection flux, and can complete all experimental operations and result analysis through the built-in touch screen. The compact body design and optional external battery can fully meet the user's various needs for small-throughput experiments and out-of-house experiments.

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